Androbex 2.0.1 is released.

Finally Androbex 2.0.1 is released with many new features including

  • A bit faster.
  • Much more stable on android 2.x.
  • Much better contact sending on android 2.x.
  • Ability to send any file form the SD card or the device.
  • Ability to receive (requires root on android 1.x).
  • French translation.

Find this new version on Android Market and SlideME.

If you like to see Androbex speaks your language, contact us on

Hope you find this new version useful and you like it.

A new version of Androbex is on the way

A new version of Androbex is on the way. You can expect it in next days. It will be a major update to Androbex 2.

Updates will include:

  • Much better performance on android 2.x devices.
  • Ability to receive.
  • Ability to send arbitrary files as requested by many users.
  • Keeping history of devices to avoid search and discovery each time as requested by many users.
  • French translation.

Androbex 1.2.3 is released with Chinese support

Androbex 1.2.3 is released and now, Androbex supports Chinese. If you want to translate Androbex to your own language, feel free to contact me and you will see next version of Androbex speaks your language!

Also a small change is made in the application that might make it able to run on Android 2.0 phones like Motorola Droid. may a volunteer confirm this?

waiting your comments and emails.

Androbex now on SlideME

I am pleased to announce that Androbex is now available on SlideME ( Now you can download and install Androbex from this new location.

I hope this can help people who can not use official Android market for whatever reason.

After you install SlideME client, do a search for 'Androbex' or use a barcode scanner application to scan this image.

Hope this helps. suffered a technical problem.

Unfortunately, suffered a technical problem and it was necessary to restore the site from a backup.

Last backup was made at 16/10/2009 (4 days ago).

So, all users who registered accounts after this date will have to re-register their accounts again. I'll try to reach them all by email to notify them about that.

Sorry for the inconvenience and kindly accept my deep apologize.

Androbex 1.2.2 released

I am very pleased to announce the release of Androbex version 1.2.2
This version contains many bug-fixes thanks to reports sent from everyone.

Wait next androbex version and Thank you


I know you like Androbex so, you are here ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent an error report from Androbex. Thanks to these reports the next version of Androbex will contain so many fixes.

Androbex. The first free bluetooth file sharing application for android.

Although android phones are very powerful, they lack some basic features like bluetooth file sharing. After buying any of these powerful phones you discovered that your great phone can neither send nor receive files via bluetooth. Of course you exclaimed "What a basic feature my phone miss?!!" Here Androbex comes as a rescue.

Welcome to

This is the official website of Androbex, the first free bluetooth file sharing application for android.

Androbex now can send audio, image and video files. adding other types may be supported later and receiving files will be supported soon.

Androbex is available for free in android market. this means anyone can download and use it without any constraints.

if you have a comment, a question, or a problem, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can use the forum on this website.

Thank you for using Androbex. hope it is a nice experience for you.

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